The Ultimate B2B Wholesale Platform

Suppliers.PRO is an innovative B2B wholesale platform that uses AI-based matching to connect buyers with verified suppliers in 5 minutes. Buyers get the best offers and buyer protection via “Safe Deal”, while suppliers get access to high-quality leads and reduced marketing costs.

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Streamline your B2B wholesale process

With our AI-based matching system and buyer protection, you can trust that you're getting the best wholesale offers for your specific needs.

AI-based Matching System

This feature uses AI technology to quickly match buyers with suitable suppliers based on their specific needs and requirements.

Safe Deal

This feature provides buyer protection by ensuring that payment is only released to the supplier once the buyer has received the goods and is satisfied with them.

Supplier Verification

This feature ensures that all suppliers on the platform are legitimate and meet certain quality standards, providing peace of mind for buyers.

Cost-effective Solution for Suppliers

This feature reduces marketing costs for suppliers and provides access to high-quality leads, helping to increase sales with minimal effort.

Benefits for Buyers

Quick and easy matching

The platform's AI-based matching system allows buyers to find the right suppliers for their needs in just 5 minutes, saving time and effort.

Buyer protection

Buyers can trust that they are getting the best offers for their needs, as the platform provides buyer protection via “Safe Deal”.

Verified suppliers

Buyers can be confident that they are dealing with legitimate and verified suppliers on the platform, reducing the risk of receiving low-quality or fraudulent goods.

Cost-effective solution

By using the Suppliers.PRO platform, buyers can access high-quality goods and services at a lower cost than traditional wholesale channels.

Benefits for Suppliers

Reduced marketing costs

Suppliers can reduce their marketing costs by joining the Suppliers.PRO platform and accessing a pool of high-quality leads.

Increased sales

The platform's AI-based matching system ensures that suppliers are connected with buyers who have specific needs and requirements, increasing the chances of making a sale.

Verified and legitimate buyers

Suppliers can rest assured that they are dealing with legitimate and verified buyers on the platform, reducing the risk of fraud and non-payment.

Minimal effort

By joining the platform, suppliers can increase their sales with minimal effort, allowing them to focus on other aspects of their business.

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